Male Champions of Change Case Study

Leaders on gender equality


MCC required a strong brand, uninfluenced by the gender stereotypes built up of the ages. A persuasive and effective logo and brand would be critical to the success of the foundation.

With the objective of effecting change across a broad spectrum, the website needed to be easy to navigate, contain relevant content and convey the key messages critical to the success of MCC.

The presentation of the information for MCC was always critical as they are challenging the way people think. To be most effective, the reports needed to make sure readers would invest in the ideals.


AAP Studio partnered with Male Champions of Change to create a new suite of branding. Neutral colours and simple messaging were at the heart of the design, leading to a website that delivered on the key elements required by MCC. Similarly, report styles and formats were created to allow the information to be communicated clearly with readers and re-purposed to meet ever-changing demographics. Social media assets have become a core part of MCC campaigns. MCC now have more than 100 male business leaders championing equal rights for women.


Male Champions of Change

Program Director, Julie Bissinella

Thank you so much for your amazing work with us this year. You are such a delight to work with and I am so grateful for your calm, creative and persistent approach to the way we work together. 

Male Champions of Change

Program Director, Julie Bissinella